<p>Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility</p>



The Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility (OCEF) co-finances off-grid four categories of clean energy projects. Those projects are being implemented throughout Benin territories:

1- Energy projects for the supply of public infrastructure.

2- Projects for the installation and operation of mini grids.

3- Projects for the distribution of solar home kits.

4- Draft energy efficiency measures.

OCEF, pilot project


The OCEF Facility is a first in Benin!

Through the 4 categories of co-financed projects, it aims to catalyse private investments and commitments, national and international, to reduce Benin's energy gap.

Following the two calls for tenders, 16 clean energy projects have been selected and are being implemented throughout the country. Eventually, nearly six hundred thousand (600,000) beneficiaries, all targets combined (households, companies, public structures, etc.) will have access to electricity.

Matchmaking Platform


The matchmarking facility was set up during the two calls for projects and is still accessible and available here.

Project submissions under the OCEF have been suspended. However, if you want to find and/or mobilize a local or international partner, the OCEF Matchmarking platform is an effective tool that offers the connection with potential partners. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND !!! This platform is not a request for funding.