Off-grid Electrification Master Plan

Study commissioned by MCA-Benin II for the establishment of a favorable environment for off-grid electrification in Benin. This study is available on the website www.benin-energie.org.

Download the study and its annexes here: Off-grid Electrification Master Plan (OBS: Draft which does not engage OCEF).

Tools for mini-grid practitioners

GIZ has developed a list of tools for mini-grid practitioners that can be useful for the development of a mini-grid project. Download the list here:

Mini-grid Policy Toolkit

The Mini-Grid Toolkit is a manual, developed by RECP, focused on providing local electricity supply which can be powered through a variety of sources, including available fuels and renewables such as solar panels. The Toolkit is designed to facilitate roll-out of mini-grids which meet the requirements of remote communities – transforming their lives with access to regular, safe and affordable power.

Download the guide here: Mini-grid Policy Toolkit

Energy performance of lamps and air conditioners in Benin

Decree No. 2018-563 sets minimum energy performance standards and the energy labelling system for lamps and room air conditioners in the Republic of Benin.

Download the decree here: Decree n°2018-563


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