Below, a few others among the many other means of financing selected by the OCEF. The Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility does not manage any other facility than those mentioned below and cannot, in any capacity, be held responsible or guarantee financing.


FRAGG Investment Management


FRAGG Investment Management Limited
6th Floor, Tower A,
1CyberCity, Ebene,
T +230 403 6000

FRAGG Investment Management Limited Lagos
29, Oritshe Street,
Off Obafemi Awolowo Road, Ikeja, Lagos.
T +234 80- 6 519 -2718
+234 80 -9216 -8315


FRAGG Investment Management Limited is an impact investment management and advisory company specializing in the management of funds targeting investments in the impact and green domains.

In addition to a $ 75 million Investment Fund we are piloting, we work with financial institutions, impact projects, businesses and other actors in the impact and climate finance domains in the West African region to raise new capital and support business growth. Moreover, FRAGG can also mobilize technical assistance to support project promoters from the design phase in strict compliance with the environmental standards in force in each region.

Our intervention can cover the following scope:

  • Projects covering climate Mitigation,
  • Adaptation and REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation)
  • Projects including but not limited to Renewable Energy, Lower Carbon & Efficient Energy Generation, Waste Management & Recycling, Non-Energy GHG Reductions, Sustainable Transportation, Water & Waste Water Systems, and Coastal & Riverine Infrastructure.

Following the company’s core values, FRAGG uses both equity and debt instruments to target the clients’ financial needs through profitable investment products in a variety of impact sectors; Climate Finance, Inclusive Financial Institutions (Microfinance & SMEs), Agriculture, Affordable Housing, Healthcare and Education.




Lion's Head Global Partners
London, United Kingdom
130 Buckingham Palace Road, 1st Floor, SW1W 9SA
+44 (0)20 7340 0400

LHGP East Africa
Nairobi, Kenya
Valley View Office Park,
Tower A, 3th Floor
City Park Drive


The Facility for Energy Inclusion’s Off-Grid Energy Access Fund (OGEF) has been structured by Lion’s Head in partnership with the African Development Bank and Nordic Development Fund. OGEF offers a flexible, pragmatic and context driven approach to transaction structuring, provides local currency options to reduce risk for borrowers and their customers, and help create lasting local capital markets participation in the sector. As with the ALCBF, OGEF also provides technical assistance to companies to support market development. OGEF, with a target size of $100-150m, raised $58m at first close in August 2018, and is now actively investing.

Lion’s Head is an Investment Bank operating across frontier and emerging markets globally with two principal subsidiaries: LHGP Asset Management carries out Investment Management activities, while Lion’s Head Global Partners focuses on financial advisory and capital raising.

Lion’s Head provides clients with innovative, specially designed, and effective solutions. Our success is rooted in bringing value to our clients and establishing a long-term relationship of trust.


CrossBoundary Energy Access (CBEA)


CrossBoundary Energy Access
ABC Place
Nairobi, Kenya


CrossBoundary Energy Access (CBEA) is Africa’s first project financing facility for mini-grids. It launched in January 2019 with funding commitments from The Rockefeller Foundation and Ceniarth. CBEA’s mandate is to invest in mini-grid projects providing first-time power to homes and businesses in markets with supportive mini-grid regulatory frameworks.

CBEA provides the full project financing solution – both equity and debt – to mini-grid developers, acting as the principal source of capital for each developer’s pipeline over the lifetime of the projects.

CBEA is actively evaluating opportunities in Benin with developer partners who meet the following criteria:

  • Corporate financing secured: funding requirement is for project finance only
  • Track record: experience in construction and operations of least one mini-grid in Africa
  • Pipeline: 10,000+ connections over the next two years