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2nd Call for Proposals - Windows 1, 2, 3 and 4

The second call for proposals has been launched. Click here to read the Guide for Applicants (in french) and for more details on the complete application.

Should you have additional questions, please refer to Section 4.3 of the Guide for Applicants detailing how and when questions can be asked.

The application must be submitted in french and all documents related to the application process are thus in french.

Below you will find some general information on the call for proposals.

The OCEF funds will be awarded for four windows of project funding for the second Call for Proposals:

  • Window 1: Critical Public Infrastructure
  • Window 2: Decentralized generation and distribution of electricity
  • Window 3: Household Energy Services
  • Window 4: Energy Efficiency Measures

Projects submitted must meet various technical, economic, environmental and social criteria (health, safety, gender) such as for example:

  • The subsidy level per connection; with respect to the viability of the model and how it aligns with consumer prices;
  • The ERR (Economic Rate of Return), i.e. a cost-benefit analysis of the project;
  • The amount of the grant in relation to the amounts of funding needed to achieve financial viability and sustainability;
  • The potential for replication along with a gradual reduction of the grant component;
  • Immediate effects and impact of the project on economic and social development, as well as the environment, with an overview of possible mitigation measures.

To ensure sustainability, it is particularly desirable that projects be made in partnership between national, regional and international actors.

OCEF pays very close attention to gender-sensitive projects as well as the social and environmental aspects that are the requirements of MCA-Benin II.

During its execution (2017-2022), the Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility will launch two Calls for Proposals. The first Call which covers Windows 1, 3 and 4, was open from 22 February to 22 May 2018, and the second one, including Window 2, is open from 6 December 2018 to 8 March 2019.

You can find more information on the procedures here.

The four windows for OCEF grants

Window 1


Off-grid energy for essential public infrastructure such as water treatment and pumping facilities, street lighting, hospitals, public health centres, courts, universities, schools, and other community infrastructure.

The focus of this window is to install off-grid power generation equipment and accompanying electrical systems along with an administrative framework for operations and maintenance to ensure continuous delivery of critical services.

Window 2


Decentralized generation and distribution of electricity via mini-grids or micro-grids for community and/ or productive use.

The OCEF encourages generation for productive use, particularly models that involve an anchor tenant that produces/consumes power for production while also supplying power to the community. While OCEF grants will not fund agricultural equipment directly (eg. food processing equipment), such equipment could count towards the grantee contribution requirement

Window 3


Household Energy Systems. Support to companies to import, sell, distribute, install, and maintain household-level PV technologies including solar home kits and other similar products. Companies are encouraged to provide affordable financing terms and convenient payment systems that fit client needs. In addition to solar lighting, applicants to this window are also encouraged to provide solar-powered technologies that may improve the livelihoods or generate timesavings for households, particularly women (eg. solar drip irrigation or mini solar-powered appliances)

Window 4


Support to business models for implementation of energy efficiency measures by public institutions, households and commercial and industrial users.

Energy-efficient appliances and equipment not only reduce overall costs for electricity consumers, but also reduce the demand for electricity from the grid.

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